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How Many Muscles Move Your Hand

You may have such questions as How Do Muscles Move and How Do Skeletal Muscles Move Bones,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Do Muscles Move Bones. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to What Makes Muscles Move,too. Read more as following:

The amount of muscles that move your hand is a little over 70. Seventeen muscles alone are used to move the palm and thirty four are used to move all of the fingers.

How do Muscles Move?

Muscles move through contractions. The contractions occurs when cells shrink and pull on ligaments. This allows for movement in the body as well as movement in your heart muscle.... More »

How do skeletal muscles move bones?

Bones and muscles work like ropes and levers. The muscles can only pull against the bone not push it. So to bend your arm at the elbow, the bicep pulls the lower arm up. To streighten your arm, the tricep pulls the lower arm back out. the muscles hav... More »

How do Muscles Move Bones?

Muscles move bones by pulling them in the direction necessary to achieve the action. Muscles do not have the ability to push and therefore muscles that aren't pulling are resting.... More »

Where are most of the muscles that move the hand located?

in the forearm.... More »

How to build hand muscles?

1. Grip a pull-up bar underhanded (palms facing you) and hang from it. This is an isometric exercise because the joints are not moving while you hang from the bar. Try to hang for 60 seconds and gradually increase the length of time as you get strong... More »

How to prevent hand muscle injury?

A very common muscle injury to the hand and wrist is known as RSI, or repetitive strain injury. These injuries happen when the hand is used to repeat movements over and over. People who tend to get this condition are often computer users, who spend m... More »


  1. Pau = ) Reply:

    like every time i move my hand pinky, my ring finger moves with it and some of my other fingers move slightly too, How could i make it so that whenever i move any of my fingers around, the others dont move? and also why does it do this?

  2. Kalley Reply:

    I need Information on how nerves work.

    That is how we move our Muscles. Bones.

    If I am typing this for example what is happening inside the body to allow me to do it.

    This is for a course on Biomechanics any info please.

    No silly answers as this is a serious question.

  3. Pandaloverz Reply:

    as some body pricking with many needles at a time. it is very impossible to move the hand, it can not bear a weight of a small glass of water. can someone tell me what is the problem? is it neuro or ortho?

  4. Yash Reply:

    If you burnt your hand what tells you to move your hand and how do you know ?

  5. Madison L Reply:

    I have some cards but I am not sure what order they go in. The cards are (in the order I think)
    -ruler starts to drop
    -signal to brain
    -electrical impulse in spinal cord and other nerves
    -signal to muscles
    -electrical impulse in nerves
    -muscles move
    -fingers catch ruler

  6. Nandini Reply:

    this happens to everyone when you see a muscle move on its own. but yesterday and today its been happening frequently in that one spot. why is this?

  7. Poppy Seed Reply:

    4 days ago I woke up and my left arm was numb and I couldn’t move my hand, I went to the hospital and the percribed me muscle relaxers and steroids, I’ve already used the perscriptions as I was told and there still is no progess, how can I fix this?

  8. Potato! Reply:

    I love how a man’s shoulder muscles move, I love big hands and strength.

  9. Elliedoll Reply:

    What bone(s), muscle(s), and/or joints move the hand, and how do they move when they make the hand/wrist move?

    10 points for the best answer and the quickest! Thank You!

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