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How Much Money does a Doctor Make in a Year

You may have such questions as How Much Money Do Doctors Get Paid and How Much Money Do Surgeons Make a Year,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Much Money Do Doctors Make. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Pay Rate for Doctors,too. Read more as following:

A doctor can make anywhere between one hundred thousand to five hundred thousand dollars in a year. This varies depending on what type of doctor you are.

How Much Money do Doctors Get Paid?

The average US doctor would make between $200,000 and $400,000 a year. It greatly depends on experience, location and how many patients he or she has.... More »

How much money do surgeons make a year?

Depends on location and specialty. Understand u'll spend at least 7 yrs in 'schooling' b4 u can cut anyone open. So the money earn has to be compared to money spent and time of ur life spent to earn the license to cut. check at gov web for real info.... More »

How much money do doctors make?

Significance. Without doctors, many conditions would go undiagnosed and leave people with serious diseases. Doctors serve as knowledgeable consultants in maintaining personal. health.. Doctors are trusted with information that many patients only shar... More »

How Much Money do Doctors Make a Year?

Doctors make different wages. A doctor after one year of residency, can make $137.000 every year. Doctors make enough money, to pay their patients. ... More »

How to save money at the doctor's office?

1. Keep visits with your doctor short and sweet. Doctors often charge according to the amount of time spent with the patient. If you carefully organize your thoughts and questions, you can save money at the doctor's office by being concise and to the... More »

How much money does a toxicologist make with a doctorate?

Toxicologists and other biochemists made an average salary of $86,580 per year as of May 2010, according to the BLS. The bureau indicates that the highest-paid toxicologists earned salaries in excess of $142,420 per year, while those at the bottom of... More »


  1. Hailey Reply:

    A high-wage doctor


    Moderately famous Italian singer that I know I was meant to live my life with
    What a relief…I just want to provide everything that I can for her.

  2. Monica Seacord Reply:

    I haven’t visited a doctor in years and think of all the money i have saved on avoiding bloodwork tests and medication. Is this good or bad?

  3. Nevin Mansoor Reply:

    Family Doctor – A Doctor who can see people of all ages from birth to old age

  4. Mackenzie Rawr Reply:

    Family Doctor – A Doctor who can see people of all ages from birth to old age

  5. Poohbear Reply:

    I know that I really need them but dont know how or where to get them. I have no health insurance very little money and haven’t seen a doctor in years. (Im 20 years old)

  6. Spike_1920 Reply:

    I’m an American, and I’m just curious as to how much money doctors in the United Kingdom usually make in one year. Just tell me in pounds, don’t convert it to dollars.

  7. Linda Reply:

    I spend alot of money each year on prescription drugs for me and my 3 kids. Is there a tax break I am unaware of that allows me to write of some percentage of that amount?

  8. Zachery Reply:

    if you could please provide me with how much money a doctor makes a year it would be of great help. Thank you.

    P.S. and a link if possible

  9. Arc Reply:

    I’m an American, and I’m curious as to the salary of a doctor in London. Please put all your amounts in Pounds, not U.S. Dollars.

  10. Darach Reply:

    how much money do ontario doctors make per year? like general practicioners.
    i cant seem to find this number anywhere!

  11. Philip Reply:

    I want to know how much money a medical doctor and also an anesthesiologist gets paid in a year.

  12. Horses=mylife Reply:

    How much do they all make combined? (ie: the median salary x number of full time doctors)?

  13. Konain Reply:

    what is the average amount of money doctors(uroligists) make per year?

  14. Kirsten Reply:

    How many people become doctors each year? And why are doctors inspirational?
    Need some information for a paper(:
    If you use a website to answer please state it! Thanks!

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