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How Much Vitamin C is in Orange Juice

You may have such questions as How to Measure Vitamin C in Orange Juice and What Are the Ingredients in Orange Juice,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Much Vitamin C Is In Orange Juice. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How to Test for Vitamin C in Orange Juice,too. Read more as following:

There is a average of 50 mg of Vitamin C in one glass of orange juice. It is important to note that other factors such as how it is handled when it is produced as well as the climate it is kept in when it is produced can effect the amount of Vitamin C in the finished product.

How do you measure vitamin c in orange juice?

Analytical chemistry. Chemists use instruments to determine the percent of vitamin c in a sample. An HPLC, among other instruments, might do this. Source(s): ... More »

What are the ingredients of orange juice?

Oranges, concentrates, sugars, coloring, and citric acid.... More »

How Much Vitamin C is in Orange Juice?

About 50 mg. Are you starting to get sick? Oranges are a wondefrul and nutritional way to start your day and get your daily recommended vitamins.... More »

What is Orange Juice Made of?

Orange juice is made from fresh squeezed oranges. Orange juice has more nutrients and vitamins in it, than any other fruit juice. Due to the citric acid in orange juice, it's best not to drink it on an empty stomach.... More »

What else besides vitamin c is in orange juice?

sugar and orange.... More »

What kind of acid is in orange juice?

The acid in orange juice is called citrus acid.... More »


  1. Louie Reply:

    i’m doin a project and need to know: why does orange juice have a lot of vitamin C? anyone know?

  2. Colton’s Mommy Reply:

    because of too much acid. Is it OK to take vitamin C pills or are they acidic also? I am getting bruises since I stopped the orange juice.

  3. Rick Reply:

    My original plan was to get her the overcharged vitamin c orange juice but she has a reaction to citrus? Any other cold remedies?

  4. Co0k!3_sage Reply:

    I have heard things like vitamin C (orange juice) can produce collagen. Would that type of stuff get rid of acne scars?

  5. Sandor Reply:

    I realized certain orange juices shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol, such as vitamin C enriched orange juice from concentrate. So which orange juice is the best? I had tropicana orange juice and I was very pleased, would that mix well? Or what about making my own orange juice?

  6. Reply:

    I know orange juice contains vitamin C but does it contain bioFlavonoids as well? And if it does, what is there that does have vitamin C without bioflavonoids?

  7. Just_me14 Reply:

    This refers to vitamin c in orange juice and the temperature it is likely to degrade at the quickest or is their a temp at which it reaches a plateau?

  8. Esther Reply:

    On the orange juice carton, it says Vitamin C = 120%.
    I need to find out the concentration in mg/mL.
    The volume of the carton is 1.89L

    any kind of help appreciated!!!

  9. Sydneyc Reply:

    if you were to analyze how much vitamin c there was in orange juice, what three lab tools would you use that would help you analyze how much vitamin c there were? and how would those tools be helpful? please help out i’ll give you 10 points!

  10. Lian Reply:

    the kind you buy in a carton, is there more vitamin C in a carton of pure orange juice than there is in orange squash?

  11. Chris Ezaz Reply:

    im doing a science project about how much vitamin c there is in different types of orange juice and im wondering how you measure the vitamin c. thx!

  12. Kate Reply:

    I have a science fair project, and the question is “Do different brands of Orange Juice affect the levels of Vitamin C in it?” One of the things I need (and don’t know where to get) is Vitamin C detector. Where can you buy it, or can you make it out of simple household items? Thanks =]

  13. Jerry Reply:

    I found a difficult way on a website, saying something about using starch, but it doesn’t say how to measure it. I need to see which orange juice has more Vitamin C for a Science Project. My teacher wants me to research it by tomorrow, so best answer will be chosen soon. Thanks for the help!

  14. Andrew Reply:

    im doing a science fair project on different levels of vitamin c in different types of orange juices and im stumped on how to test the levels of vitamin c in them… the different types of orange juice im using are consentrated, frozen, freshly squeezed, or processed.

  15. Dianasaur Reply:

    am just wondering cause am doing a science fair and i need to know if sugar reduces the amount vitamin c in orange juice. oh and if not, what does? apart from iiodine.

  16. I Love Jesus Reply:

    Before I went to bed, I had three glasses of vitamin C orange juice. Not one after another.. I had them slowly. I only ate salami while drinking it.
    My stomache feels very gassy and it’s rumbling and I’ve been farting.
    Am I going to have diareeha soon? :(

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