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When Did Florence Nightingale Start Nursing

You may have such questions as When Did Florence Nightingale Start Nursing and When Did Florence Nightingale Start At The Harley Street Nursing Home,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Old Was Florence Nightingale When She Started To Nurse. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to History of the Nursing Profession,too. Read more as following:

Florence Nightingale started nursing in the year 1860. She started a nursing school in London called St. Thomas’ Hospital. She was very passionate about nursing and would tend to wounded soldiers on the battlefield.

When did florence nightingale start nursing?

No tengo la menor idea.... More »

When did Florence Nightingale start at the Harley Street Nursing Home?

Florence Nightingale was asked to work at the Harley Street Nursing Home, in London, in 1853. See the page link, further down this page, for more information.... More »

How old was Florence Nightingale when she started to nurse?

Florence was 18 when she tried to be a nurse. Her dad didn't want to let her go so she was trapped till she was at least 20.... More »

What is florence nightingales middle name?

Jade.... More »

How Did Florence Nightingale Die?

Florence Nightengale, known as the mother of modern Nursing, died August 13, 1910 of natural causes. She was 90 years old. She passed away at Park Lane Road, London, England.... More »

Who was the founder of the nursing profession?

The considered founder was Florence nightingale... More »


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    Which of the following was not a pioneer in the field of nursing?

    a. Clara Barton

    b. Florence Nightingale

    c. Amelia Sieveking

    d. Emmeline Pankhurst

    e. c and d

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