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Where are the Muscles Located

You may have such questions as Where Is The Oblique Muscle Located and Where Is The Groin Muscle Located,or you may also seek several helpful information about Where Is The Skeletal Muscle Located. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to health,too. Read more as following:

Are you trying to find out exactly where the muscles in your body are located? Wel,l guess what? They are everywhere! There are muscles in your arm, and muscles in your face.

Where is the Oblique Muscle Located?

The oblique muscle forms part of the abdominal muscles which are located on the front of the body between the pelvis and the ribs. There are two oblique muscles, namely external and internal. The external oblique muscle is located on either side of t... More »

Where is the Groin Muscle Located?

The groin consists of six muscles that go from the inner pelvis to the inner part of the femur. The groin muscles are called the adductor muscles.... More »

Where is the Skeletal Muscle Located?

Skeletal muscles are located all throughout the body. They have the ability to connect two bones together in order to move. Since these muscles are voluntary we have the control to move them such as lifting the arm, stretching the leg and wiggling ou... More »

Where is the Sphincter Muscle Located?

The sphincter muscle is located in the anus. This muscle helps the contraction of wastes to be secreted from the body. It is voluntarily used by pressure and allows for the storage of wastes to exit the body. To find more information click here: http... More »

Where is the Hamstring Muscle Located?

The hamstring muscle is located in the upper thigh muscle and into the buttocks. It is a very large and strong muscle in the body and used for many functions, including but not limited to mobility.... More »

Where is the Trapezius Muscle Located?

The trapezius muscle in humans is a superficial muscle at the base of the skull and upper back. The muscle goes from the occipital bone in the skull longitudinally to the shoulder blade and the thoracic vertebrae of the spine.... More »

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  1. Lily Sanchez Reply:

    They’re probably the strongest out of all the muscles in my thighs and it makes my thighs look huge. Are there any ways I could shrink it’s size to make the outside of my thighs smaller?

  2. Kat Reply:

    I know they control pelvic muscles, but do they control the anus as well as the vagina? I am trying to get my muscles vamped up (if you know what I mean) and I want to be sure I am working them right.

  3. Jetsmr Reply:

    Is that referring to where the nipple is located? Pictures would be great!

  4. I Ride ’em Ponies Reply:

    I need help with my homework…

    What do you think is the purpose of the sphincter muscles that are located at the two ends of the stomach?

  5. Mellissa Gallant Reply:

    The cells that initiate the stimulus for contraction of the heart muscle are located in the
    a. sinoatrial noded. bundle of His
    b. atrioventricular nodee. none of these
    c. Purkinje fibers

  6. Saad Reply:

    I need a website that will test me on where the muscles are located. If anyone has a good website, please share. Do not give me unrelated websites. I won’t even bother so don’t waste your time. Thanks for any help!

  7. Juan Reply:

    I am looking for an optometrist who performs eye lid surgery for an eye lid with a “lazy” muscle located in one of the 3 counties in California, Mendocino, Lake or Sonoma.

  8. Aditiya Reply:

    A. It consists of four muscles located in the leg
    B. All four muscles in this group function to extend the leg
    C. All four heads function to flex the thigh
    D. All of the muscles in this group are innervated by the tibial nerve

  9. Anomymous Reply:

    A. It consists of four muscles located in the leg.
    B. All four muscles in this group function to extend the knee.
    C. All four heads function to flex the thigh.
    D. All of the muscles in this group are innervated by the tibial nerve

  10. Hhfjaskjflk Reply:

    Where are the pectoral muscles located?

  11. Alexescapes Reply:

    Where are each of the following muscles located: deltoids, pectorals, abdominals, biceps, quadriceps and gluteus maximus

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