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Where are the Pectorals Located on the Body

You may have such questions as Where Is The Pectoral Located In The Human Body and What Organ Is Located In The Pectoral Region Of The Body,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Structure Is Located In The Pectoral Region Of The Body. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Pectoral Exercises for Men,too. Read more as following:

The chest is where the pectorals are located on the body. Each pectoral begins at the sternum and goes to the side. To exercise these muscles you can do push ups or you can do bench presses.

Where is the pectoral located in the human body?

The pectoralis major is the large fan like muscle located on either side of the chest, originating from the sternal half of the clavical, the anterior surface of the sternum, and the cartilage of the first seven ribs, and inserting in the bicepital g... More »

What organ is located in the pectoral region of the body?

In humans there is a heart, pectoral is the chest area.... More »

What structure is located in the pectoral region of the body?

there are 4 muscles :-pectoralis major.-pectoralis minor.-subclavius.-serratus anterior. in addition to the clavipectoral fascia.... More »

What part of the body are all the pectoral muscles located?

The pectoralis major is a large, fan-shaped muscle coverin...... More »

How to build upper body strength in the pectoral muscles?

1. Lift weights to increase pectoral strength, using an amount of weight that you can lift comfortably. Performing several repetitions with a comfortable amount of weight is safer and more effective than doing fewer reps with heavier weights. 2. Buil... More »

What body system is the pectoral in?

The muscular system. A flat muscle on your chest.... More »


  1. Jeffrey V Reply:

    do they grow under the skin or over? does they realy big in sizes? can there be more then one? pls answer thansk.

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    i feel like my forearm tendon is loose.

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    recently i am putting too much weight . wht should i do to reduce the sagging of breasts?

  7. Catgirl Reply:

    I was feeding my fantail goldfish and noticed two blisters on it. 1 on the left pectoral fin and one on back right anal fin.
    Are they harmful. What causes them. And how do you treat them and with what do you treat them

  8. Beemd Reply:

    Where one of a male’s pectoral muscles intact while the other looks like it contains more fat or something where it represents more of a woman’s breast? Also, is this disorder linked to any neurological disorders?

  9. Kenneth Reply:

    Hehe… maybe I should also ask WHAT a coelacanth is, first… I just need to know the basics, like… what does it eat, where is it found, etc.

    yannow… the basics

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    with their evolutionary design? please help. this is in addition to my 1st question for my Ichthyology lab report. thanks so much again :)

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    I’ve never found any use for mine.

  13. Ayame Reply:

    Please name those body parts or muscles which gain improvement by doing push-ups.

  14. Tana Yelverton Reply:

    ii was just wondering what to do and for how long

  15. I Love Ben Burnely Reply:
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    And also i know it can take a well but can pushups help you become cut and more bigger? Even a little.
    Thanks for the answers everyone but people say that pushups dont workout the biceps .And it only works out the triceps, forearms and shoulders. Is that true?

  17. Lia Reply:

    What are they? and also

    What are the two division of the skeletal system?

    i got all 33 questions but dont know these 2.

  18. Caragh Reply:

    I need the 12 major muscles, the scientific name of each, and their location in the human body.

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