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Where are Your Appendix

You may have such questions as Where Is The Appendix and Where Are Your Appendix Located,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is The Appendix. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Symptoms of Appendix Pain,too. Read more as following:

Your appendix is located in the lower, right quadrant of your abdomen. It is attached to the cecum, which forms the juncture of the small and large intestines.

Where is Your Appendix?

The appendix is located at the end of your large intestine. No real evidence of what it is used for has been found.... More »

Where are Your Appendix Located?

The lower right quadrant of the abdomen is where your appendix is located at.It is connected to the cecum of the large intestine.It is not located near the ribs as most people think. ... More »

What is An Appendix?

An appendix is an appendage that every human body has at birth. It is attached to the small intestine, but no one is yet sure what its purpose is. If it becomes infected, surgery is needed to remove it. ... More »

Which Side is Your Appendix Located on?

The appendix is on the lower right sight of the abdomen. It's purpose is unknown.... More »

How long can you live after your appendix bursts?

A person can survive after a burst appendix for 4-5 days or more. Th...... More »

What is Your Appendix Used for?

As far as we know, the appendix is not a vital organ. That means it isn't used for anything! We don't fully understand it's purpose, if it ever had one. It maybe left over from something our bodies needed it to do long ago.... More »


  1. The Mysterious Girl Reply:

    im a body builder and appendix surgery would loose about 10 lbs of muscle im worried. I feel a stretched feeling near my lower right abb. its nothing normal to me. I dont have insurance either. Could i just have a torn muscle or sometihng?

  2. Oneinthisworldgirl Reply:

    I had my appendix removed 5 days ago and my stomach is really swollen, where my clothes were quite lose they are now tight. Is this normal?

  3. Jason K Reply:

    I might have appendicitis but the pain in my appendix is not constant, it comes and goes. Does this mean that I have appendicitis? I have looked up other symptoms, which I seem to have, but the whole not constant pain thing is a draw back to whether I have it or not in my opinion.

  4. Missi Pollender Reply:

    My sister might be getting her appendix removed, but I don’t even know what the heck it is, or where!

  5. Mellissa Gallant Reply:

    It’s getting worse. I have a sharp pain where my appendix is?

    What are some ways to tell if it’s inflaming?
    And do I have to have it out?
    And how long do I have before it explodes?
    And for some reason, i feel really drowsy and naushis? why?

  6. Chuckette Reply:

    I had mine removed over the Christmas holiday, so it’s really no big deal to live without your appendix, but why were we born with them if so many people have them removed later due to appendicitis? What is the main function of the appendix?

  7. Pranab Reply:

    I just had my appendix removed on Saturday night. Wow! The attack was awful. How soon did you have to be out of work and how was the recovery process?

  8. Xavior-su Reply:

    How would a surgeon perform an appendectomy on someone whose appendix started to leak into their intestines, but didn’t fully rupture? I know there are two types of surgeries, and I was wondering what the scar would look like in this scenario? Like how big and stuff?

  9. Sydney Reply:

    I might have to go get my appendix removed in a day or so depending on what happens. I was just wondering what its like to get Your appendix removed from the people who have experienced it.

  10. Blane Reply:

    I had an appendix surgery. After how many days is it okay to take off my bandages?
    It has been a week since I had my vermiform appendix removed through surgery. So, would it be okay to remove it now or may I catch some infection?

  11. J Reply:

    I’m required to include appendices at the end of my paper but I’m not sure what it is. I know it’s additional info, but what kinda info? I already have a bibliography section so that can’t be included.

    Oh, and the appendix I’m referring to is not related to human anatomy.

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