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Where can I Find Articles on Bacteria

You may have such questions as Where Can I Find Bacteria and Where Can I Find Pictures Of Bacteria,or you may also seek several helpful information about Where Can I Find An Article. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Bacteria Facts,too. Read more as following:

There are many and different types of bacteria and knowing about bacteria can provide information about cause, prevention and treatment. If you look in medical journals and encyclopedias you can find articles on bacteria. You can also find articles on bacteria by looking on line as well as getting brochures from your doctor.

Where can I Find Bacteria?

Bacteria can be found everywhere on Earth. They are present on and in almost all living things. They live on surfaces, in water, and in the air.... More »

Where can I Find Pictures of Bacteria?

There are many places that you can find a picture of bacteria. The easiest place to find a picture would be in a biology book. You can also find a picture on the internet at different science sites. ... More »

Where can i find an article?

This answer greatly depends on what type of article you need, and which type of article you mean. An article can be a story in a magazine, or an article as in an article of clothing.... More »

How to find old newspaper articles?

1. Use an online search option that includes an archive of news stories (see Resources). Some articles will be freely available, while others will cost money; however, in the case of the latter you will have a starting point for a search at your libr... More »

Where can I Find Articles?

You can find articles in many places. Check your local newspaper. Read a magazine. They are all over the internet. Also, you can most likely view your local newspaper online if you are a subscriber.... More »

Where can i find articles on science?

You can look on line and there will be a ton of them. There is also your community library and book stores. Many scientific articles are there.... More »


  1. Ritesh Reply:

    I am seeing towels being advertised (called Wick-er Warmup towels) on many swim and travel chat groups, and I want to know how it is that the Silver in the fiber actually kills bacteria and fungus.

  2. Judas Reply:

    Could you please explain the bacteria that goes into making Pickles?
    It would realy help!

  3. Sadie Reply:

    Primarily the flourescent gene of jellyfish into bacteria, id like a good guide on how someone would go about doing it for an asignment

  4. Laurel Reply:

    I found an egg. I am taking care of it. I did a candle test and it showed up dark with some speckles. It is not VERY severe, but I really would like this egg to hatch.I read somewhere this meas the egg could have some bacteria Can someone tell me how to get rid of the bacteria?

  5. Vibes Reply:

    What is a good stand in, that is non-lethal, and not a pathogen, yet is still close to salmonella.
    If you can please state your sources, and feature articles, that would be amazing!

  6. Paula Reply:

    In this scenario, the man has not encountered this particular bacteria till date and to prevent pandemic how can we develop detection strategy in advance for it.

  7. Sharon Davis Reply:

    An odd question, I know, but there is some in my school, but what kind of bacteria would grow in 3 year old rubbish which was in a wheelie bin outside? Also, would it be dangerous to open these bags of rubbish?

  8. Aubry Reply:

    If i wash soiled underwear in the same load of laundry as other clothes, will the bacteria from the feces contaminate other clothes? Also, if the underwear still contain feces stains, does that mean that harmful bacteria is still in them?

  9. Animesh S Reply:

    Can you please explain the details between the difference. All I know is the they both are ways to transfer genetic material from one bacteria to another…i dont know how to differentiate >_<

  10. Sofia Delgado Reply:

    What’s the difference between good bacteria and bad bacteria? What kind of bacteria is in yougurt? What kind of bacteria is in beans? Can you consume too much good and/or bad bacteria? What are the daily recommended allowances?

  11. Anonymous12 Reply:

    If you have done it already…please send it to me through e-mail… i need a bio. scrapbook on good bacteria, with 5 articles of good bacteria, where they live and there effect on humans and the environment. THX… need it ASAP for a project due 3 days from now.

  12. Xedgedbeautyx Reply:

    How do you find how much bacteria is in yogurt? Does it have something to do with colonies?

  13. Missvoyage Reply:

    I have a science project and I need to find an article about bacteria and viruses. But it has to be a recent article, like within 3 or 4 months. And definetly not a year. Please don’t make up the article and please list the source, ex new york times. THx

  14. Emz1988 Reply:

    There was a news article recently about bacteria that biodegrade plastic — an environmentalist dream come true! Does anyone know the details?

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