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Where can I Find Information on the Drug Morphine

You may have such questions as Where Does the Drug Morphine Come from and Who Invented Morphine,or you may also seek several helpful information about Who Discovered Morphine. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Where Did the Drug Morphine Originate,too. Read more as following:

A great place to find information on the drug morphine is on the MedlinePlus website. This site is run by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. It covers everything from why it is prescribed to symptoms of overdose.

Who Invented Morphine?

Morphine was invented by Friedrich Sertuner in 1805. Morphine was widely available to anyone who had the desire to purchase it. It was mostly found in tonics that were available in stores. To find more information click here: ... More »

Who Discovered Morphine?

An uneducated, pharmacy assistant named Freidrich Serturner discovered morphine when he was experimenting with opium. He named the substance morphine after the God of Dreams, Morpheus, as it has the tendency to make a person sleep.... More »

Where can I Find Drug Information?

You can find drug information online at That's one of my most favorite sites to use because it lists what the drug is made of, what it's used for, and side effects. It's a very intensive and complete site!... More »

Where can I Find Information on Drugs?

There is alot of information on the website that offers information and facts about drugs. Generally all the websites say the same when it comes to finding out information but there is a specific one that I think is very useful. Frank- is a website d... More »

How Much does Morphine Cost?

The cost of morphine greatly depends on the amount the doctor prescribes, whether it be 30, 60, or 90 day and the dosage amount in milligrams. ... More »


  1. Shay Reply:

    I’ve found several doctors in Wilmington who will prescribe it but I can’t find any information about how much the prescription will cost or if mediciad will cover any of the cost?

  2. Carmen Reply:

    I need information for a school assignment. I need to know what kinds of drugs doctors give someone in the hospital. For example, if a patient was in pain, what would they give them?

  3. I <3 My Dogs! Reply:

    I am very interested in history and in my research, I found it interesting that Georgiana Cavendish (the Duchess of Devonshire) was an alcoholic and substance abuser. I can’t seem to find anything online that says what the drugs were that she took, does anyone know?

  4. Theanswernator Reply:

    I’m 33 and have severe rheumatoid arthritis, currently on morphine, and had to buy my first cane today. I was told I should apply for a handicap sticker so I wouldn’t have to walk as far to stores? Do I go down to the DMV, or is there another way? Thanks.

  5. Ric Reply:

    Yeah, its pretty simple, and I kinda need some help for my history project, so please help me. Why would it benefit to legalize drugs? Why not? and some examples of countries that already legalized drugs?

  6. Kalie Killen Reply:

    What are some different ways that a minor can be prescribed certain narcotics and other street drugs? Be specific please. I have a huge essay for college due next week on troubled teens and I want to include as much information as I can. Best answer will be given, Thanks!

  7. Lidooh_smiles Reply:

    You never see ads for “ask your doctor about”…
    So im just wondering, what controlled substances is it ok to ask your doctor about?

  8. Madam Iza Reply:

    How do neurotransmitters influence behavior, and how do drugs and other chemicals affect neurotransmission?

  9. Bevzi Reply:

    I want to test my teenager for drugs but want to use a blood test. Do they make such a thing for home use.

  10. Alexandra Reply:

    How long does weed, ecstasy, and cocaine stay detectable in an australian army recruitment drug test?

    Does the australian army just test by means of a urine test? or are other methods used such as hair and blood tests?

  11. Ss Reply:

    what kinds and what types and should you be albe to grow drugs and what drugs should be albe to make?How old should you be albe to use drugs and grow drugs and make them?

  12. Maia Earthsong Reply:

    I am doing a project on the drug, Codeine. I already have a poster with a timeline of when people started using it, and a list of some famous people that used Codeine. Does anybody have any ideas on what else I could do to make my project really cool? Thanks.

  13. Nila Reply:

    Its 4 my science fair and i cant get any information on it its so flustrated to me gosh….

  14. Barbara Reply:

    I am doing a research for school in my pharmacology class. I need an article for the drug morphine, that i can cite the arthors information. If any one knows any good websites could you please let me know. Thank you!!!

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