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Where is Rubbing Alcohol Found

You may have such questions as Can You Die from Drinking Rubbing Alcohol and What Would Happen If I Drank Rubbing Alcohol,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Are the Dangers of Drinking Rubbing Alcohol. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Effects of Drinking Rubbing Alcohol,too. Read more as following:

Rubbing alcohol can be found in just about any store that sells first aid products. It can typically be found in the same aisle as the band-aids. The most common variety of rubbing alcohol is 70 percent. This means that it is diluted.

Can you die from drinking rubbing alcohol?

Yes,Alcohol for humans is ethanol.Rubbing alcohol is combined with other al...... More »

What would happen if i drank rubbing alcohol?

You would have really clean insides?... More »

dangers of drinking rubbing alcohol?

Drinking rubbing alcohol would place you [drinker] in jeopardy of being known as a true douchbag.... More »

What chemicals are in rubbing alcohol?

Answer Should be nothing more than isopropyl alcohol and perhaps some water. Some preparations also add some food coloring (green, usually), so it doesn't look like water.... More »

What is the Density of Rubbing Alcohol?

The density of rubbing alcohol is 0.786 g/cm^2. Rubbing alcohol is more often isopropanol mixed with water and then a little poison to denature it.... More »

What is Rubbing Alcohol Made of?

Rubbing alcohol is made from water, acetone and other additives, but is mainly made up of ethanol (or ethyl alcohol), 70-90 percent to be exact! Some rubbing alcohols actually contain perfumes, what a stinky body spray that would make!... More »


  1. Daveatron Reply:

    I am trying to do a chemistry experiment on the denaturing of proteins. I have a question saying that rubbing alcohol is often used as a disinfectant. Why is this based on how it reacts with the denaturing of proteins? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  2. Ehmuhlee Reply:

    I don’t have any pepper spray in the moment, but could I just put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle just in case someone attacks me? Sorry for the stupid question.

  3. Lidooh_smiles Reply:

    They both disinfect, so why do hopitals, clinics, etc use rubbing alcohol instead of peroxide?
    And also, I never really understood the whole, there’s a chance peroxide could eat away your whole leg (or whatever) if you use it on a cut. What’s THAT all about?


  4. Adam Reply:

    My son has to write an essay on why rubbing alcohol removes Silly Putty from things. It must have something to do with chemistry but we can’t find the answer as to why this is so.

  5. Maha Reply:

    I just used rubbing alcohol and a microfibre cloth to clean my mirrors and it worked great, no streaks. I just don’t know if continued use can hurt the mirrors. I used it on a cloth, I didn’t spray it on.

  6. Subrata Reply:

    I accidentally splashed rubbing alcohol on a rayon dress and I’ve only just realized there’s a stain and it won’t dry up. Reading up online it seems to be a big no-no but I can’t find the reason why or how to fix it. Help!

  7. Eric C Reply:

    I did a chromatograhy lab with various substances, one being Sharpie ink. I noticed the ink did not separate into its different parts and found that only rubbing alcohol as a solvent will make ti separate.

    Can someone explain why rubbing alcohol works but not water?

  8. Allyson C Reply:

    I can not find my rubbing alcohol and I don’t know what else to use. Help me please.! (:

  9. Kalley Reply:

    my daughter has a science project and needs methylated spirits and I cannot find…can I use ethyl rubbing alcohol?

  10. Ale Reply:

    I am doing a science project and I’ve read up what removes stains the best and it said rubbing alcohol does. I can’t find out why though. This is due on Tuesday so if anyone has an answer, please tell me.

    Thanks :)
    Thank you so much for your answers!

  11. Horseygirl68 Reply:

    Where can i find rubbing alcohol and distilled white vinegar to put in ear to dry up the water that gets retained after swimming

  12. Ghazal Bayat Reply:

    I’ve already thoroughly rinsed it with very hot water, and i was going to soak the bowl in some rubbing alcohol but unforunately i cannot find any. Any suggestions for a replacement?

  13. Dsfsdf Reply:

    Antiseptic gels and sprays cost 10 times or more than regular rubbing alcohol. Is there any advantage? Little travel spray bottles cost about $1 and rubbing alcohol can sometimes be found for 50 cents. Why not just make your own?

  14. Crayola Reply:

    Rubbing alcohol was found to contain 60.0% carbon, 13.4% hydrogen, and the remaining mass was due to oxygen. What is the empirical formula of rubbing alcohol?

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