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Who Invented Baby Formula

You may have such questions as Who Invented 7-up and Who Invented the Cell Phone,or you may also seek several helpful information about Who Invented the Television. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to History of Baby Formula,too. Read more as following:

By around the mid-19th century someone had invented baby formula. This was when tainted milk was connected with infant mortality. Justus von Liebig was the first to develop a commercial infant formula.

Who invented 7-Up?

Charles Leiper Grigg invented 7up.... More »

Who Invented the Cell Phone?

Way back in April of 1973, Doctor Martin Cooper made the very first phone call made from his invention, the cell phone. Almost forty years later, we haven't stopped dialing!... More »

Who invented the television?

The television, according to the Americans, was invented by Philo Farnsworth at the tender age of thirteen. However, Russia (and RCA) claims that the "idiot box" was their idea.... More »

Who Invented the Telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell is given the credit for the telephone, and he was the first to have an actual sentence transmitted over telephone lines, "Watson, come here;I want you."... More »

Who invented the computer?

Inventor of the Computer Many say the first computer is the "difference engine." The first of these devices was conceived in 1786 by J.H. Müller. It was never built. Difference engines were forgotten and then rediscovered in 1822 by Englishman Charle... More »

Who Invented the Toilet?

The first recorded advanced toilets came from Mohenjo-Daro in South Asia in 2800 B.C. These toilets were made of bricks with wooden seats.... More »


  1. Lillie Reply:
  2. Alan Reply:

    We go from being a species of fairly primitive beings in the 1800s to a species that has extremely advanced technology in such a short amount of time. How did we do this without any outside help?

  3. Alanna Gabriel Reply:

    Seems like I’m wasting formula. And formula is NOT cheap. If I make 2 or 3 oz she wants more. If I make 4 oz – 5 oz she wont drink it all. It gets frustrating sometimes lol

  4. Joshua Reply:

    What are some good things that scientists invented? what are some things that scientists invented that have NOTTTT Benefited us.?
    yea…… its for a project smart one. ANYWAYS. also i need how does science benefit us, and how does science not benefit us.?

  5. Gemma Reply:

    My 5 month old eats he’s solid foods & drinks his milk of course, but what is the point of giving rice cereal and what are its benefits?

  6. Brianna Henson Reply:

    I am going to do my baby gift registry this weekend and I want to get your opinions on the must-haves! What are your essentials? Are there any specific products that you have found to be superior to others? Please let me know Mommies.

  7. Sydneyc Reply:

    I know a lot of you will say that they were breastfed, but what about mothers such as myself that never really produced any milk? How were the babies fed then? If cow’s milk is your answer, then where did they babies get their nutrition?

  8. Hasib Mustafa Reply:

    Do babies have to have formula at some time?
    I am exclusively breastfeeding and at 6 months I plan to start solids.
    So is it okay if the baby never has formula?

  9. Kiona35 Reply:

    Please help me. My partner and I have to know how life was different before baby/infant formula was invented.

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