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Who Invented the First Hearing Aid

You may have such questions as Who Invented The Hearing Aid and How Does a Hearing Aid Work,or you may also seek several helpful information about Who Invented The First Hearing Aid. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Inventor of the Hearing Aid,too. Read more as following:

The first hearing aid was invented by an American physicist named Harvey Fletcher. He is honored with creating the first battery operated hearing aid.

Who Invented the Hearing Aid?

The inventor of the first primitive hearing aids is unknown, but there were made in the 1500s. These first hearing aids were made of wood.... More »

How does a hearing aid work?

Detect Sound. The first thing that hearing aids do is detect sound. The sound comes in through the hearing aid much like the sound comes in through your telephone. Basically, the hearing aid is equipped with a microphone that picks up the surrounding... More »

Who Invented the First Hearing Aid?

It is unknown who invented the first electric hearing aid; many people credit Miller Reese, who invented the Akoulathon which sold for $400 in 1901.... More »

When was the hearing aid invented?

The first hearing aids were made in the 1500s out of wood so nobody really knows who invented them. They looked like the human ear. By the 19th century, hearing aids were sold in many parts of the world as consumer products. However, the hearing aids... More »

Why was the hearing aid invented?

Answer Hearing aid was invented in order to facilitate people they had a hearing problem [deaf]... More »

When were hearing aids invented?

The very first hearing aids, ear trumpets, have existed for hundreds of years, and became popular in the 1800's. The first wearable carbon hearing aids were distributed in 1902, though the technology for portable battery-powered hearing aids was not... More »


  1. Blondie103 Reply:

    i heard they invented it completely

    i read this on a website too and since it’s 100% fact that the government created HIV because they are racist against us black people, it makes sense that they would invent the holocaust

    i was just wondering if this was true. does anyone know?

  2. Ssorek2 Reply:

    I have the feeling it is /b/ or Anonymous. I know that a lot of people just say “magnets” on that one mormon chat, but why? I know it annoys them too. Where did it start and what does it mean?

  3. Jane D Reply:

    I am doing a paragraph on something that has been invented, and this is one of the questions, I have had a look around the internet to see; but I can’t find any answers. Maybe you could help! Thanks. -Catherine

  4. Aime Reply:

    I have heard on the news that Jimmy Carter recently made a racist comment. What was the comment?

  5. Dsfsdf Reply:

    I am an avid radio listener and would like to know if there is any software that can make my computer a radio that can receive shortwave, AM and or FM stations from my area. Or has this even been invented yet?

    I would prefer if this software was inexpensive or free. Thanks for the help!

  6. Marjorie Sauer Reply:

    I have always heard that as an example of a company creating their own supply and demand.

  7. Thegirlinthepinkballetshoes Reply:

    I have an idea for a simple gadget which would benefit every diabetic insulin user in the world and I wonder if anyone could give me some idea about how I would go about manufacturing this and marketing it?
    I am in the UK where diabetic aids seem to be sadly lacking.

  8. Ruben Estrada Reply:

    I have heard about aids and poverty but what is going on right now in africa?

  9. Nik Kimno Reply:

    Yeah, they’re aren’t much additional details. The question is pretty self explanitory. So, when were hearing aids invented? When did people actually begin to use them if they had trouble hearing? Thanks a ton!

  10. Veers Reply:

    Actually, could some one please give me a history of hearing aids/ accessories? Just a brief history would be appreciated, thank you.

  11. Faith Anne Smith Reply:

    I was just wondering who invented the hearing aid.
    hope you can help!

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