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Why is Eating Right Important

You may have such questions as Why Is It Important To Eat Healthy and Why Is It Important To Eat Breakfast,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Is Eating Breakfast Important. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Purpose for the Bill of Rights,too. Read more as following:

In my opinion, eating right is important because it allows your body to maintain a healthy weight. Obesity causes all sorts of health problems, so eating right will help you to avoid many of those problems.

Why is It Important to Eat Healthy?

It is important to eat healthy because when you eat healthy you give your body the power to perform. If you are eating healthy then you are making sure that the body gets what it needs in order to perform at it's optimum.... More »

Why is It Important to Eat Breakfast?

Not only is eating a healthy breakfast give you the energy you need for the rest of the day till lunch time, but it is also a good start to keeping a balanced diet. If you skip breakfast in the morning you will pig out at lunch and dinner. A heavy br... More »

Why is Eating Breakfast Important?

Eating breakfast is important because it fuels your brain as well as your body. Studies have shown than people who eat breakfast score higher on tests than those who skip this important meal.... More »

Why is Healthy Eating Important?

I'll make it plain and simple. Healthy eating stops you from being overweight/underweight and dead! Someone who has an apple and yogurt for breakfast everyday is a lot less likely to die of heart disease than someone who starts there day with a Big M... More »

Why is It Important to Eat?

It is important to eat, to supply your body with the nutrients it needs to survive. The things we eat go to work carrying out our bodies vast assortment of functions.... More »

Why are Human Rights Important?

For want of a better way to put it, human rights are what makes freedom possible. Without our rights and freedom we wouldn't be much of a civilization, yet these rights are taken for granted all the time. Stop and think what life would be if we weren... More »


  1. Deja Reply:

    Next Saturday I will go to a chinese restaurant for first time in my life! Can you suggest me any chinese foods for me to eat, please?
    Important!: I’m a very maggoty person in food!
    Thank you :)

  2. Beatnikblake Reply:

    okay, i’m gonna be blunt i’m poor. i can’t afford to continuously keep bottled water in the house and eat fruit all the time. but i always do workout. can is till get in great shape?

  3. Schmoe. Reply:

    I HAVE to lose weight, and I know eating breakfast is important to doing so. But the problem is, I have a binge eating problem, and if I eat breakfast I can’t stop eating.

    What do I do!? I need to eat breakfast, but if I do, I can’t stop!

  4. Love,nature,fashion,beauty Reply:

    would u rather the money be in your pocket ?
    is eating out important ?

  5. Kallie Reply:

    Im 6’2 at 16 and i want to get taller. Do stretches work??? I know sleeping and eating is important but is there anything else i need to know ??

  6. Ms. Bee Reply:

    Im trying to tone up my stomach and flatten it out. I’ve been doing cardio and ab exercises everyday but I know that eating healthy is important too. What foods do I need to be eating to help me get skinnier?

  7. Micah Reply:

    I’m doing a research report and I need some help. I need to know how you can act differently when you eat healthy. Also, what kinds of foods to eat and how important it is to eat healthy. THANKS 😉

  8. Kels Reply:

    Is exercise or healthier eating (Dieting) more important and why? I know the 2 together work best but which do you think is more important?

  9. Whatwasithinking Reply:

    I’ve lost 25 lbs. but still have 15 lbs. to go but i have major food cravings and i give in to those cravings and i am really sorry that i gave in after what i ate because important trying to lose weight. ..What to do

  10. Help Please Xx Reply:

    so I”m a dancer and they keep saying healthy eating is very important for a dancer why is that?

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