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Why is There a Shortage of the Flu Vaccine

You may have such questions as How Long Do Flu Vaccines Protect and What Is the Flu Vaccine Composed of,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Companies Make Flu Vaccine. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Flu Vaccine Side Effects,too. Read more as following:

I think there is a shortage of the flu vaccine because the media has made it seem worse than it really is, therefore more people are trying to get the flu shot than in previous years.

What companies make swine flu vaccine or h1n1?

Tamiflu is made by Roche. Relenza is made by GlaxoSmithKline.... More »

How long does a flu vaccine last?

People can be expected to be protected for the entire flu season, which lasts through March or April.... More »

Can the Flu Vaccine Give You the Flu?

In very rare cases, the flu vaccine can give you the flu. This is not common. Most people who receive the vaccine do not get sick. They are also most protected when they are exposed to the flu. For more information, look here: More »

Who Manufactures Seasonal Flu Vaccine?

I recently had the opportunity to speak one on one with Dr. Carolyn Bridges, the Associate Director for Science in the Influenza Division of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This CDC unit is responsible for a number of tasks, including: Year-ro... More »


  1. Mickaykay Xx Reply:

    How can the government pretend that it can manage, overhaul, streamline, and reform the health care system in the United States when it can’t even deliver enough flu shots to prevent a pandemic?

  2. Cassie Reply:

    I am trying to decide if I will get the flu shot this year, but don’t want to do so if there will be a shortage as in recent years. I would prefer that those individuals with greater need than myself get the shot. Any idea how the supply is looking this year?

  3. Bri Reply:

    And whats with the shortage and inefficiency of getting the vaccine out? What will we do if we have a real serious threat such as biological warfare?

  4. Tia Reply:

    When you look at all the things that the government has run….

    Social Security
    Postal Service

    And now the flu shortage…is this further proof that the government should not run any industry?

  5. Unknown Reply:

    The shortages are rampant. He is the CEO of this country. He promised that adequate supplies would be available by the end of October. And he has failed again to deliver on a promise.

  6. Tristen M Reply:

    Do you think any of this is Obama’s fault?
    Do you think it would have been considered Bush’s fault if he were still in office, somehow, but that Obama will go blameless?
    How many do you think will die in the USA from Swine Flu? What are the projections?

  7. Melvin Reply:

    Why cant companies compete to make better ones?

    Should the government supplement the supply instead of controlling it?

    Why do we have a shortage of swine flu and regular flu vaccines? Did our government not develop sufficient capacity?

  8. Rose-marie Albans Reply:

    Why has Chicken Pox been replaced with a Paradox? What’s wrong here? If this is a so-called pandemic, why is there a shortage of vaccines? Apart from general conspiracy theorism, is there a genuine reason for this?

  9. Jx2_11 Reply:

    This is the first year that the state is announcing a shortage of regular flu vaccine. Never had this under Bush.

  10. Ashlyn Reply:

    I’m doing an Eco project and we have to relate a current issue to economics. I picked the swine flu vaccine shortage. Can anyone help me??

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