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What can cause swelling of the liver?

These are a few things that can cause the liver to swell: cirrhosis, infection, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, leukemia, polycystic liver disease! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Cathryn Reply:

    Some will experience medical problems that can lead to liver scarring and inflammation. It is this condition that causes the liver to swell and can ultimately lead Source:

  2. Yung Reply:

    Rarely, a patient with liver cancer can become suddenly jaundiced when the tumor vena cava results in a very swollen liver and massive formation of ascites.

  3. Kasey Reply:

    Legs often swell because of poor circulation of blood from the heart. When the heart is backed up it is hard to circulate blood throughout the body properly. Some ways of reducing swelling is to lessen your salt intake, elevate your feet ab… Source:

  4. Berry Reply:

    There are many different causes of leg swelling for example edema, kidney disease, heart failure to name a few. If you have leg swelling that does not seem to get better the best thing to do is to consult with your health care provider.You … Source:

  5. Caroll Reply:

    Cirrhosis of the liver will initially cause swelling of the liver. Source:

  6. Samantha Reply:

    Abdominal pain on right side, more at night. drinking ice tea or dark fluids makes it worse. spasm on right side below rib cage. other medical problems, problem with blood

  7. Lessie Reply:

    Liver is painless!

  8. Shavon Reply:

    You may have liver disease, which is a serious illness, and should consult your doctor. What can cause swelling and pain in the nose? Brown Nosing

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