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What does it mean when your white blood count is high?

Many times, too many white blood cells indicate infection, a trauma, tissue damage, a bone marrow disease, leukemia! But they could increase their number during intense exercise, or during stress, or because we use certain medicines, like corticosteroids, antibiotics, or drugs for seizure patients! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Charla Reply:

    The discovery that a person has an elevated white blood cell count almost never comes as a surprise Most associate a high count with the body fighting an infection, and that is generally true, but What Does Low White Blood Count Mean? Source:

  2. Eustolia Reply:

    A high blood count indicates infection, systemic illness, inflammation, allergy, leukemia and tissue injury caused due to burns

  3. Nana Reply:

    More than 10,500 leukocytes per micrometer of blood would be a high white blood cell count. High white blood cell counts can be a symptom of an infection or other serious disease. Source:

  4. In Reply:

    A high white blood count could be indicative of an infection. White blood cells are part of the body’s defense against infection. When an infection is present, more white blood cells are made to help combat the disease. You can find more in… Source:

  5. Eldora Reply:

    Usually the cause of high white blood cell count is some type of infection in your body. The white blood cells are considered disease fighting cells and try to fend off any infection that you might have. Source:

  6. Nicholle Reply:

    Urine shows high red blood count because I had noticeble blood normal white blood count? What could it be? I just went to Dr in urine yesterday. Today is was not noticable but

  7. Bridgett Reply:

    High WBC count means your body is fighting an infection! Those are your immune cells and they are in high numbers because you are sick and they are trying to fight it off!

  8. Cathi Reply:

    An elevated white cell count and/or a fever generally indicate that there is an infection somewhere in the body. See your doctor for a thorough check up and

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