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What does leukemia look like?

Someone with leukemia is usually tired and weak! They have weigh loss, excessive bruises, abnormal bleeding and bone pain! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lashanda Reply:

    Leukemia is the most common cancer in children, and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the Look for resources online. 3 Often they can provide dolls and toys for children to use in role-playing – a healthy activity that Encourage her to take fluids by providing her with ice pops and fun beverages like juice boxes. Source:

  2. Pilar Reply:

    Leukemia does not have any kind of look. A person with luekemia usually feels very tired all the time. Leukemia is diagnosed through a blood test.

  3. Nathalie Reply:

    Yeah, what AML said. Also your hair doesn’t always fall out. Ryan O’neal was diagnosed with CML on his 60th birthday. He looks fine. Source:

  4. Karma Reply:

    We explore the question of how to characterize a factor that would explain the patterns of wire code-childhood leukemia association observed in three major United States case-control studies. In positive studies, such a factor needs to be m… Source:

  5. Barbar Reply:

    They can appear to look like burises, moles, or blood blisters. It is important to go to a doctor to get a correct diagnosis. Source:

  6. Carolann Reply:

    I am running a marathon to seem to have hit a raise money for the Leukemia.? I want to raise as & Lymphoma Society. Since my friend has Leukemia much money as possible but fun

  7. Marylee Reply:

    Yeah, what AML said! Also your hair doesnt always fall out! Ryan Oneal was diagnosed with CML on his 60th birthday! He looks fine!

  8. Gala Reply:

    There is no exact answer to this question because different epople believe in different things. For instance people might think that it is so stupid to think about this

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