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How to Calculate Your Body Mass Index

You may have such questions as How To Calculate Body Mass Index and How Is Body Mass Index Calculated,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Calculate Bmi Body Mass Index. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Body Mass Index Chart,too. Read more as following:

You can calculate your body mass index by using a BMI calculator. By entering your weight and height, the calculator will let you know if you are overweight, obese, underweight or at a normal weight.

How to Calculate Body Mass Index

Even though most people still use a bathroom scale to determine whether or not they are overweight, body mass index is a better indicator. A person's body mass index estimates the total body fat of a person, and displays it in the form of a number th... More »

How is Body Mass Index Calculated?

The easiesy way to find your BMI is all those handy little BMI calculators on line that just need your weight and height, but the formula is as follows, weight divided by height times height times 703.... More »

How to Calculate Bmi Body Mass Index?

To calculate your BMI, body mass index, you first need to know your weight in pounds and your height in inches. Take your weight times 703, then divide this by your height squared.... More »

What is the definition of body mass index?

Body Mass Index (bmi) is s measurement of the relative percentages of fat a...... More »

How do I Calculate my Body Mass Index?

Your BMI or Body Mass Index is calculated using your height and weight. Measure how tall you are and then weight yourself. Multiple your height plus your weight by your height in inches.... More »

How to calculate body mass index (bmi?

1. You will first need to measure your height in inches, as well as calculate your weight in pounds. 2. Now that you know your height and weight, you are ready to calculate your BMI. You may want to use a calculator. 3. First, multiply your weight in... More »


  1. Anabel Pug Reply:

    when a dietitian sees a patient and she plans his/her weight within few mins. what formula do they use? except for body mass index?

  2. Alisha Reply:

    My book has a table to look them up, but I need to calculate it for a test.

  3. Boom! Reply:

    Calculated Body Mass Index (BMI), what is the average for females ? thanks (:
    My height is 60 inches, and my weight is 110 lbs.

  4. Trel Reply:

    I need to know my lean body mass, my body/fat index and all that crap. What places do that? Or can i measure it myself?

  5. Kayleveille Reply:

    I know it stands for Body Mass Index, but what is it? Like what does it tell you? Like i know there’s websites to tell you what your BMI is, but why do you need to know what is? Lol im completely confused on what it is. Ha ha, help me !

    Thanks (:

  6. Snowflake Reply:

    NOTE: NOT Body Mass Index!!! I know how to get my BMI, that’s not what I’m asking.

    What I’m asking is how to get my body fat percentage. I know at the doctor’s office, they use calipers, so I wanted to know exactly how they do it. Or if there is a way to do it without the calipers. Thanks!

  7. Lola Reply:

    I need to know my height in meters to calculate my BMI (body mass index.

  8. Liby Reply:

    i need to know how to calculate my own body mass index for school.

  9. Tacklee Reply:

    I need the formula for gym so i can calculate my parents and my body mass index , but i don’t seem to get it. I try to google it but all it gave me was the calculator or the formula which i don’t get .

  10. Cjrossi Reply:

    How do you calculate your body mass index using the metric system (ie kilograms and centimetres)? Thanks.

  11. Kate Reply:

    I have heard about the body mass index which determines if a person has normal weight or considered as overweight, or obese. I have searched and found confusing information, does anybody what is the formula to find my BMI?

  12. Ric Reply:

    My friend keeps complaining about her weight. I know that she is just right but I need a way of proving it. And I herd about body mass index can anyone tell me how it works??
    Thnx for any help

  13. Stephenie Reply:

    what is the formula for calculating body mass index?

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