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What should your gum look like after pulling out a tooth?

Depending if there is an infection or disease present, it could just be a bit bloody! Or purple and green in the case of melanoma! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. tara Reply:

    i got my tooth pulled tuesday and still hurting and my gums look swollen head hurts is that normal how long does the pain last

  2. Bell Reply:

    You can help it along by pulling it out, but it's important to know when and To tell if your child's tooth is ready, take a clean piece of gauze and try wiggling the tooth. You can try pulling it out if she would like you to do it or if she's too scared to do it herself. After pulling, always check for tooth fragments left in the gums. Source:

  3. Manuela Reply:

    After one or more teeth have been removed, you will want to do all the right things for the area to Start taking painkillers immediately afterwards – don’t wait until pain sets in! Avoid disprin (aspirin) as this thins the blood and can make your mouth bleed. WARNING: Some people are freaked out by the amount of blood.

  4. Naida Reply:

    Before your tooth extraction, you will be asked about your medical history and undergo tooth x-ray. Antibiotics may be prescribed before and after the extraction. After the extraction, a blood clot should form to cover the extraction site. … Source:

  5. Thomasina Reply:

    There are various reasons to have a tooth pulled. Tooth extractions correct crowded wisdom teeth and relieve the pain of a stubborn tooth infection. Sedatives, such as nitrous oxide gas and Valium, help to reduce the anxiety that you may fe… Source:

  6. Katharine Reply:

    It depends on your age, sex and general health. Normally, about 72 hours. One method used is to apply a tea-bag to the surgical site to help it heal. Why? Because tea contains tanic acid, which helps shrink and heal the gum area where the t… Source:

  7. Glinda Reply:

    Does oil pulling really help gum regrowth and tooth whitening? As well as kill bacteria and plaque?

  8. Maryetta Reply:

    Your tooth may be able to be saved! The dentist will help you with it! Im sort of disgusted with your parents, most dentists will yet you pay a bill with payments if you dont have insurance! Some dentists would do the work for free! You could call your county and see if they have a dentist who would do this! I am so glad you are getting this done! Keep being strong and stand up for yourself! Take care!!

  9. Ocie Reply:

    If you would like it sweet, add a tablespoon of concentrated milk to the mixture. I was scared to get it pulled this morning and he gave me 4 shots in my gums that hurt .. After they pull your teeth out they will rinse your mouth and stick some clean .. Can't wait for this to heal as I look forward to eating solid foods again!

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