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When does menopause begin?

Menopause symptoms can begin late 30s or early 40s! Natural menopause is typically complete in the late 40s or early 50s!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Brunilda Reply:

    At What Age Does Menopause Begin?. Hot flashes are an easily recognized signal of menopause. You may wonder at what age menopause begins. Research Source:

  2. Lourie Reply:

    HORMONE CHANGES – Recognize that all women start to biologically change around the age of 40. This decline in hormones create changes in the menstrual cycle, vagina and uterus. UNDERSTAND SYMPTOMS – Look for symptoms that normally occur bef… Source:

  3. Marlyn Reply:

    Menopause marks the ending of a woman’s reproductive years. This ending can come about naturally, or prematurely by surgical procedures or other medical treatments. Its beginning stage is called menopause transition. Source:

  4. Constance Reply:

    There is no specific age at which menopause begins. It is different for every woman, but it normally occurs between the ages of 45 and 55. A woman is not said to be in menopause until she has not had a period for a consecutive twelve months… Source:

  5. Ida Reply:

    when does menopause begin?

  6. Irma Reply:

    Perimenopause is the transition between having periods and not having periods (menopause)!Menopause = having gone one year without periods!Perimenopause can start as early as mid- to late-30s in some women, and it can last as little as one year or as long as 10 years!In perimenopause, periods can become shorter, longer, heavier, and/or more painful!When perimenopause starts can be determined by how many usable eggs are in a womans ovaries! When she begins to run out of usable eggs, her body is no longer able to send the hormonal signals from the ovaries to the brain (and vice versa)! Were born with millions of eggs and we lose most of them before puberty; most of them continue to die throughout our life!Menopause does not end! Once a women has not had a period for a year, if she starts bleeding again, she should see a doctor! Most of the time its harmless (hormones can continue to stutter for some time after menopause starts), but it is always best to rule out conditions like tumors or cancer!

  7. Eliza Reply:

    Listen as Dr. Ramsey discusses what age menopause typically begins. Dr. Theresa Ramsey, NMD, is a naturopathic physician, lifestyle expert, and author with a

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