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How to Motivate Lazy People

You may have such questions as How to Motivate a Teenager to Do Better in School and How To Motivate Lazy Students,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Motivate A Lazy Boyfriend. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Ways to Motivate Employees,too. Read more as following:

You can motivate lazy people by showing them the results that they can achieve if they put more energy into what they do. I believe the best motivation for lazy people is evidence and proven results that they can achieve their goals. Lazy people can be motivated through education and inspiration.

How to motivate lazy students?

1. Reward your students for participating in class. These rewards don't have to be fancy; a simple "good job" is often enough to make a student feel great. The more a student experiences that inner feeling of accomplishment, the more motivated they w... More »

How to motivate a lazy boyfriend?

1. Ask him about something at the right time. Observe him to find out when he is in a productive mood or what time of day he feels most motivated. For example, if he likes to work out in the morning, ask him to help you move a heavy appliance or help... More »

How to motivate lazy but gifted children?

1. Nurture a child's love for a hobby or field of interest. This is a good alternative for children who may not take school seriously. Allowing them to explore other avenues of learning will avail great opportunities, in which they can learn to be cu... More »

How to motivate my lazy sons?

1. Take your child for a physical exam. It is important to rule out a health problem before trying to encourage him to be more active. Ask your doctor if growing could make your son tired or if any other complications are making his laziness worse. I... More »

How to Motivate Students?

It is not always easy to motivate students, The best results seem to come when the students have some form of incentive to do well. This is not the easiest thing to accomplish.... More »


  1. Cayden Robbind Reply:

    They are happy, complacent, lazy, and well paid. At the end of the year every one is rewarded with a bagel and pastry party, and they recieve bonuses regardless of how they perform. Any ideas?

  2. Yumi Reply:

    She’s not totally lazy, but it would be nice if she would help out just a little extra when asked.

  3. Stefy Reply:

    I’m lazy. But i am willing to work very hard to get good at science and to become a doctor. I just need advice on how to shake off being lazy for good.

  4. Cowboy Jacob Reply:

    thanks, I need to exercise but I am lazy. always keep putting it off, could you please share your tips with me. thanks a lot.

  5. Logan Reply:

    I’m lazy i’ll admit. But I know good grades are important. I just can’t find the motivation to study, even though I realize its significance. What are some way to maybe boost my interest?

  6. Deshi M Reply:

    Sometimes I get too lazy when I’m doing my work,Even when its important.I feels like I have no energy.

  7. Nila Reply:

    I’m going to have to take the classes again that I took for my freshman year because I’m so lazy that I just wouldn’t pay attention in class and wouldn’t study or even try. I don’t want to be a bum and not do anything with my life. So do you have any advice for me?

  8. Allison Reply:

    I always think about doing it but then I’m to lazy to actually go out and run what makes you guys more motivated and less lazy? Also any tips about how to take your mind off running like listening to music, etc.

  9. Korrissa Reply:

    When it’s cold outside i feel less motivated and lazy and dont want to walk across my college campus to the gym especially since i have no sweats and i dont have time to buy any right now

    what can i do?

  10. Stephanie Campos Reply:

    How do you motivate a lazy person to be productive?

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