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How long is the average dream?

The average length might be surprising: 3 seconds! But your dreams are longer in your latter stages of sleep each night! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Denisha Reply:

    Before you begin to look at houses to buy, you'll need to know how long you However, according to the National Association of Realtors, the average time a Many people dream of buying their first home, and for some, it can be reduce Source:

  2. Gloria Reply:

    usually the average dream lasts about 20 minutes. Source:

  3. Jenee Reply:

    Dream psychology is actually very interesting, I have studied quite a bit about Rapid Eye Movement sleep – and if the answer to your question is interesting… you should too! Or not. Dreams can vary in length depending on how long we have … Source:

  4. Karolyn Reply:

    Wet dreams (erotic dreams that result in orgasm and/or ejaculation in males) can begin at any point once puberty starts, and continue throughout adulthood. They are much more common in young men, and typically decrease in frequency as men a… Source:

  5. Rebbecca Reply:

    How long is an average Navy SEAL deployment? How often are they home training can you talk to on average? If you are married when you are going through SEAL your wife? What

  6. Rosa Reply:

    From what I have read they last, on average, 20 minutes!

  7. Dorothy Reply:

    When we first go to sleep it takes us about an hour to have our first dream, which lasts about 15 minutes on the average. From then on we have a dream about

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