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How do you make your self puke?

Press your index finger or middle finger onto the very back of your tongue! Begin stroking the back of your throat! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. shawn michaels Reply:

    hi. im wwe hall of famer shawn michaels. and i am bulimic. i need help with my problem. or i might just end up splurging every day. thats why im so skinny.

  2. Larue Reply:

    Ideally, you'll be able to run to the bathroom and make theatrical puking sounds, and At the right moment, excuse yourself somewhere private and make loud Source:

  3. Carrie Reply:

    You may not need to puke. You probably have a virus and it’s given you an upset stomach. It doesn’t mean you will puke. Drink a lot of fluids- water, tea, broth, juice, whatever. This will flush out your system by peeing–getting rid of the

  4. Avril Reply:

    Eat small meals, drink lots of fluids, avoid unpleasant smells, make yourself comfortable, and use relaxation techniques. Source:

  5. Marg Reply:

    Slide either your index or middle finger down your tongue or Spin around in circles. You could always watch someone puke too! Source:

  6. Felica Reply:

    milk+lemon juice (unsweetened) in a glass together. Chug as fast as you can and spin around. I’m not jerking you around, it REALLY works. The lemonade prematurely curdles the milk in your stomach, causing your system to reject it. Source:

  7. Beckie Reply:

    How do i make myself puke i wanna no how to (or make puke) so I dont have to flu but i cant puke go to school? my friend got me the rite now.I don’t wanna go to school and: A

  8. Jonie Reply:

    First of all! I dont know your situation so I cant give advice not to do it! Butttt what I can do, it correct you! Anorexia is a disorder in which you honestly believe you are fat! You not only think it but you see it too, so you starve yourself! Bulimia, on the other hand, is a disorder in which you think you are fat and make yourself purge! And purging, itself, is not physically addictive, but it is mentally, you feel like you need it, you feel like you will not live with out it and you could become mentally addicted to the affects of it!

  9. Jacqueline Reply:

    I have been bulimic for 7 years- you have no idea how bulimia ruins your life- please don't start making yourself throw up. Talk to someone about your feelings,

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