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Is it bad that I’m addicted to crystal meth?

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  1. Nikita Reply:

    Spotting a meth addict can typically be done by noticing telltale signs such as missing Hi, I'm Dr. George Northrup, a psychiatrist and addiction specialist based in Tampa, Florida. Meth is the shorthand often for Crystal Methamphetamine. Source:

  2. Marlena Reply:

    Did anybody else get addicted to crystal meth from watching Breaking Bad? The show But after watching Mad Men, I’m addicted to cigarettes, scotch, and sex.

  3. Melodee Reply:

    Gigantic! Productions See more » Source:

  4. Carry Reply:

    It can be instantly addictive. No joke. Leave it alone, please. Chrystal Meth. Other names include Ice, Yabba, Tina, Glass and Christine. This is an extremely powerful and addictive stimulant drug. Symptoms. Intense rush Exilaration increas… Source:

  5. Jennette Reply:

    Crystal meth (methamphetamine), is a very dangerous drug. It is easy to make from common ingredients, inexpensive and highly addictive. Once you are on it, it is very difficult quit use, as demonstrated by the drug’s 92 percent relapse rate… Source:

  6. Kaitlin Reply:

    I have a friend addicted to won’t listen to my advice to ‘ice’ or crystal meth and he can I helphim? I don’t know what to do. he just argues if I bring the subject up

  7. Haley Reply:

    I went to Mission Teens instead of going to jail! Mission Teens is a Christian alternative to rehabilitation! There are currently 13 centers across the United States! Their purpose is to provide hope to the hopeless through Jesus Christ! The program is absolutely FREE! If you are desperate it is the place to go! I went to try to avoid being sentenced to prison! What I found was a new way to live! Jesus gave me another chance at life! I am still drug free after completing the program in July of 2004! I am not perfect and I still have my struggles but God has made an awesome, dramatic change in my life! Thanks to his grace, I was sentenced to probation and I will be graduating college in May 2007!! The program is entirely run by graduates of the program! Everyone there was once where you are now! You will be among people who understand exactly what you are going through! You can find information on this program athttp://missionteens!com/Here are a few of the numbers for three of the centers: 870-573-6414 , 563-547-3286, 931-484-9935! I know that I cannot do it alone! I need Gods help!

  8. Lola Reply:

    Yes crystal meth is mentally addictive.i am a meth addictive and its very harsh on your mental beingwithdraws are very excruciatingdont do it..its really hard to

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