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What causes a stroke and heart attack?

Strokes and heart attacks are both caused by interruption of blood supply either to the brain or the heart! for now! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lashon Reply:

    How Does Alcohol Cause Heart Disease?. Alcohol directly contributes to heart disease and stroke. Heavy drinking raises levels of triglycerides circulating in the Source:

  2. Yolonda Reply:

    Strain and anger, we think.

  3. Celestine Reply:

    Smoking causes a hardening of the arteries which in turn limits blood flow to organs such as the brain and the heart. Coronary arteries supply blood and oxygen to the heart muscle, when they become stenosed, or narrowed due to the artery be… Source:

  4. Kandi Reply:

    Most heart attacks are caused by a buildup of plaque on the inner walls of the coronary arteries. When a section of the plaque breaks open it will cause a blood clot to form. When the clot becomes large enough to cut off most or all of the … Source:

  5. Layla Reply:

    Strain and anger, we think. Source:

  6. Jeraldine Reply:

    Are warning signs of a coming there heart attack/stroke months before the attack actually in between my rips directly comes? I’ve been having a slight pain over my heart for a

  7. Ehtel Reply:

    Primary causes can be hereditary, obesity, smoking and stress!

  8. Dia Reply:

    Stroke is currently the second leading cause of death in the Western world, ranking after heart disease and before cancer, and causes 10% of deaths worldwide.

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