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What do random sharp pains to your heart mean?

If you are having sharp pains in your chest, that could lead to a heart attack of stroke! You should seek medical help! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. jamika nate petro Reply:

    My name is jamika and I have really bad chest pain

  2. april evins Reply:

    Wait this is a question what happens if this happens to a 10 year old child?

  3. Letitia Reply:

    The snapping will redirect your attention to the sharp pain and you will be busy concentrating on keeping What Does it Mean When Your Heart Starts Racing? Source:

  4. Xochitl Reply:

    Do you ever get a piercing pain in your chest, usually on your left side under .. with phlem, shortness of breath along with anxiety, what does that mean instead? pain were my heart is for about 2 years on and off randomly i got woriied that it

  5. Lilla Reply:

    Precordial Catch Syndrome (PCS) is the most common cause of recurring chest pain. The heart itself cannot feel pain. Source:

  6. Thomasena Reply:

    First of all, you should talk to a doctor about these pains. Getting an EKG would provide some good information about whether your heart is involved, particularly if the EKG is done very close to the time you are experiencing the pain. Also… Source:

  7. Cary Reply:

    The source of a sharp chest pain may arise from a variety of potential sources: Angina, Heart attack, Broken or bruised ribs. More Source:

  8. Denyse Reply:

    What is causing these random sharp I can remember, they don’t last that long, but I have to Push pains for as long as heart pains? I’ve been having really sharp heart against

  9. Karoline Reply:

    First of all , stop trying to self diagnose, there is a reason doctors go to school for so long and specialize and its because the human body is extremely complex and when you add the way our brains work its just crazy to try to figure out on Web MD! You could be having something as harmless but scary as chest wall spasms! Go and talk to a doctor, or find a clinic that deals with stress induced physical problems! Or take a stress analysis test to see how you deal with stress, Stress alone can cause the symptoms you describe!

  10. Antionette Reply:

    What does a sharp pain in your chest mean? It could mean a number ofthings. First, probably the most common is gas. It could maybe mean a heart attack.

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